Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Planning

Since every Thanksgiving I go a little crazy trying to remember what and how much of everything I made for dinner, I thought I would use the blog to keep track. It might as well be useful, right.
So last week I cooked and froze 10 sweet potatoes (in casserole), 4 butternut squash (they were a small to medium size), 2 rutabagas, 2 frozen packages of brussel sprouts cooked with red onions and balsamic vinegar, and two frozen packages of pearl onions which I roasted.
Today I am going to cook 3 packages of cranberries (can never have too much cranberry sauce) and make the two pumpkin pies and put those in the freezer.
I bought an 18.9 pound premium fresh turkey from Wegman's. We are going to have 8 adults and 4 children for dinner, with two more adults and 4 children joining us for dessert.
I have the ingredients for a cherry pie, apple pie and chocolate pudding pie, which I will make on Wednesday.
I am also planning to make the dressing on Wednesday and stuffing the turkey and have it in the oven by 9:00am on Thursday with dinner at 4:00.
I have been on 5 websites and have 5 different answers to how long to cook the bird. No wonder I obsess about this every year!
I want to plan this so that the only thing I have to cook on Thanksgiving day are the mashed potatoes and crescent rolls (bought 3 containers). Oh yeah, the turkey too!

I just checked out my last post and I can't believe it was in October. Will have a knitting update soon. Now have to put groceries away and cook.