Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Relief

Hot, hot, hot this past week.  Highs in the 90's, low in the not very low 75 range and humid as all get out.
 Last night the weather broke with a vengeance: we lost power about 8:30 at night and didn't get it back until 4:30 this morning.  The thunderstorm lasted an hour and a half and seemed to be right over our house.  It also brought torrents of rain.  Frankie and I were very scared.  The crack of the thunder followed the lightning immediately.  I kept imagining the tall trees in our backyard coming down on top of us, but we only lost one small limb.

Did I mention the torrents of rain?  They are continuing today in brief spurts.  The windows are all open and the house is getting a refresh.  Feels so good!

I took pictures of all the lilies I have blooming right now.  I want to keep a journal of all the varieties I already have so that I will get different ones when I fill in the two beds in the back that I am redoing.  So here are some pretty pictures:

There are quite a few of the dark red variety, although they each different characteristics.  Some are small, some have a yellow heart, one variety keeps blooming into August.  Still, need some more pinks and white.  These are all day lilies.  The earlier Oriental lilies were yellow.  Need some variety there, also. 

Tomorrow, maybe some knitting.  Today is mostly just recovery from the hot and the non-stop visits from all the kids to swim.  Not that that was a bad thing, just a bit tiring.