Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have not been running in my usual way.

Start one sock and one sweater,
Knit until done,

No, I signed up for four classes, had three things already on the needles, so I was actually scrambling to find more needles to start more things.
Totally non-monogamous knitting and not what I was doing for the past year and a half. But you know what?
I actually got three sweaters finished and am thinking sometimes we get stale and need to shake things up a bit.
I am sewing up the side seams of the summer cardi today. It's been blocked, so will be wearable today. Teasel is waiting for the sleeve ribbing and I have just a tiny bit of yarn left, so hopefully I will get another skein on Saturday to finish.

February Lady sweater is done as I stated in the last post.

On Saturday, I have the lace cardi class so I think I will cast on in the next few days to get a jump on this.
Also, since I've been aching to start a lace project, I think I will begin Romi's Seven Small Shawls to Knit. I would love to knit all seven of them this summer. Perfect summer knitting, I'm thinking. Socks have been my go-to summer knitting, but I seem to be giving them a little rest.

I have yarn and beads for the Celaeno ( a blue/purple mix) and a MadelineTosh dark green for the Elektra which I am planning on starting today. There is a boatload of MadelineTosh fingering at my LYS, so I will check out the colors and see if any of them are suitable for any of the other shawls.
Yesterday it was 41° in the morning, we had a thunderstorm with torrential rain about noon, and it went up to 81 ° by the time I went to pick up the kids. It's warm again today, so things are bursting with color in the garden. It is way too wet and muddy to even think about working in the garden, I'll just enjoy the warmth.

Here's some red, white and blue color peeking out in the garden.
Blue pulmonaria or lungwort (a really bad name for a beautiful early perennial)Red rhubarb, hopefully the bunnies will leave us some.
White magnolias that just don't last long enough. This is a tiny little tree (may grow bigger some day) but it is flowering beautifully this year.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Raining, Again!

It's raining and cold, dark and miserable. It snowed (yes a measurable amount) on Monday. Blah, blah, blah!
When I saw how late Easter was this year, I thought no problem having an outdoor Easter egg hunt. Now it doesn't look too promising. We'll have it but the kids are going to have to wear boots and winter coats, I think. Bummer.

I finished the February Lady Sweater and am happy about the color (green with yellowish bits) perfect for a springtime wearing. Because the yoke is in garter stitch and loosey-goosey, I added a grosgrain backing and backing buttons for a little more support. This will be worn buttoned and I really thought it needed a little help. Even though for most sweaters, it isn't always something I add. Very happy with the fit, yarn and color. Whoo Hoo. Sometimes sweaters just don't look the same on you as they do on the young skinny models.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


It's been a little warmer and sunnier out. On Wednesday I actually took my knitting out on the patio and sat in the sun to pick up stitches for the sleeve of my February Lady Sweater. Thursday the grands and I played basketball in the back yard. It was so warm we actually had to go in to cool off. Hot weather will be upon us quickly and with it all the garden clean up that needs to get done. Not complaining a bit about that. Just can't wait!

Here's a little color until the real stuff appears!
My LYS got a shipment of MadelineTosh DK weight yarn and I scooped up four skeins to make the little Goodale sweater.
Talking about color, I am alternating the skeins as there is a huge difference in colors from one to the other. I have two skeins that appear very light and two skeins that are darker. But I am loving the way they look alternating.