Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Really? Over a Year?

Wow! I knew it was a long time since I blogged but can't believe it is over a year.  No reason really, just got out of the habit.  Not going to try and capture what I missed in the last year, just going to forge ahead.

There was a lot of problems after last winter, house repairs to fix snow damage, the lining on the pool needed to be replaced, we even had to spend $600 to have the roof shoveled!? that has never happened in all the winters we have lived through.  Our weeping cherry tree in front of the house did not survive the 2015 winter and we will have to remove it this year, so the expenses continue.

The winter of 2016 has been balmy by comparison, no snow days, very few snow storms, warm December and February, So much so that the forsythia started to bloom in February.

However, April has decided to kick us in the butt.  After an early and balmy Easter, we are having some of our coldest weather - with snow.  Ugh! Had to take out the wool hats and scarfs again.

 Yes there has been books and knitting, TV shows and movies, dinners and celebrations.

Spring and gardening will happen soon!