Monday, December 9, 2013

Dreary December Day

We are not having the biting cold, snowy weather that seems to be gripping the rest of the country, but it is very overcast, about 37 degrees and rainy.  It seemed to be pitch black this morning when I got up, so on went the Christmas lights and the fireplace to spread some cheer.  That is one of the best things about the decorations for Christmas, all the twinkle lights and bright colors keep us cheerful leading up to the Winter Solstice.

My decorating is done, my shopping is almost done and we will get the trees this week.  Just trying to decide how many Christmas cookies I am going to make this year.  Maybe just gingerbread, pizzelles, cut outs and jam thumbprints.

My Christmas knitting is moving right along (and why I do Christmas knitting, I just don't know!).

 Five washcloths done, two to go.
 One slipper done, three to go.
Half a cowl done.  This yarn is flashing and pooling in a very charming way and I think will look really good wrapped twice with a black coat.

More knitting tomorrow.  Hopefully, more Christmas presents finished.  I have a distraction problem whenever I am working on a project that has a deadline.  Every other project in my queue, every other project that I see on other knitting blogs or Pinterest seem so much more interesting and desirable than the one that must get done.