Thursday, June 24, 2010

What was that?

The last day of school was yesterday. Nathan and Papa went golfing to celebrate. First a dip in the pool to wash off all the school cooties (is that a '50's thing?) lunch and off they went. Jordyn and I had some lunch and I was finishing up when she went to play in the living room. As I was sitting on the stool at the counter, I felt the stool shaking! No large trucks going by, but the air conditioner had come on. (This was the first day this summer we have put it on). I peeked down the basement, heard it making its lovely wishing sound and made a mental note to tell the DH.

Now, I will admit that for a millisecond I thought "Earthquake", but my mind whipped right past that to a more logical idea "Air Conditioner is shaking the house!" Right.

Surprise, surprise. There was an earthquake in the Northeast of 5.0, epicenter near Quebec around 1:45 EDT.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Why I Love June

There are roses blooming........

and peonies, too.......
we have 3 birthdays in June, one of which is mine. That means I've made it through another year!
These are the best days. The kids are still in school but the anticipation of summer vacation is almost visible. We opened the pool last week and had a wonderful few days of swimming. The water is 80 degrees already but the last few days and the week end should see more rain than sun.
I am taking a lace shawl with bead knitting class starting next weekend so yesterday I purchased the yarn and bling, oops I mean beads! Lovely Misty Alpaca in a variegated peachy pink with some greys or blues. The beads are a sparkly peachy pink.