Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back From West Virginia

Baby Dante arrived on September 6th and we went down to West Virginia to help out the parents and the 3 sisters. We stayed until the 19th and had a wonderful time getting accquainted with the new baby. The girls were good, as usual and Jen was feeling much better when we left.

I knew she was doing better when I went into the kitchen one morning and found she had made a batch of bread!
I brought the two large receiving blankets* I made, the blue and white afghan, the white afghan and the baby kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I made two hats from the cream and navy yarn that I made the kimonos in. I didn't finish the navy sweater until I returned home, so I will mail it out tomorrow with a bunch of 3 month size clothes that I bought yesterday.
The postal person delivered a bucket of mail that had accumulated for two weeks and I received my replacement cable for my Options needles and my latest yarn from Knit Picks. It is the Palette Sampler and the yarn for DH's argyle vest. I ordered the third Palette sampler ( Warm Colors) when we returned. I think that is all I'm going to order until I have some things completed!

Purchase one and a quarter yards of flannel. Wash it. Fold one corner over to form a square and cut off the excess. Hem all four sides with a half inch hem. Makes a receiving blanket that is approximately 40 inches square which is a much better size than the ones you purchase.

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