Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” Robert Burns

With every good intention I wrote the previous post and the next week my computer developed a "bug". Not a tiny virus, but a brain wiping behemoth that caused our hard drive to lose it's mind-- all of it. Of course being the computer savvy couple that we are, nothing was backed up.

So instead of knitting, blogging, reading or sleeping, I have been trying to restore most of what was lost.

One of the most trying things was trying to remember where we put that interesting article, pattern, web site etc. Or getting our home page to look just like it did. Or re-ripping all of our cd's. Or trying to remember all of the various login's and passwords. Ugh!!!! Fortunately I had pictures on Flickr.

So now I have Norton Ghost which my son-in-law says will restore my settings. We are going to purchase a removable hard drive and I have only re-ripped my Christmas cd's until we get that.

It has been a wintry 17 degrees and snowy blowy the past few days and that will continue through the week. I love this kind of weather at this time of year, having the Christmas decorations up, the fireplace on, hot cocoa and a pile of books. It's so cozy. By February I am so completely done with it, however.

I am doing well with the Christmas knitting I wasn't going to do this year. I finished washcloths with different characters on them for all the grandchildren and the step-grand children.
I used free patterns I found on Ravelry. There are dinosaurs, stars, a penguin, a bat, a horse and a sheep.
I still have four pair of slippers to complete for the girls in WV and Jordyn, but I should get them done this week. I am going to start the scarf for Collin that he requested. A "fire" scarf of yellow, red and orange. We shouldn't have any trouble spotting him with that combination. I'll post it here when I have it started.

Our wonderful library site has added videos to the downloadable audio books, so now you can download things like the old "Dick Van Dyke" show (one of my personal favorites) or the Three Stooges. It's great and they all upload onto my Axim. So now I can watch them while I'm in the waiting mode (doctor's, dentist, meetings, boring drives, etc). They have also greatly expanded the amount of books available and you can have 20 downloads at a time. I was able to replace all of the "In Death" series that I had ripped to my computer. This is such a godsend to retired folks like myself and others who are feeling the economic pinch.

DD#1 has added me to Facebook, so now I have something else to lure me on the computer.

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