Friday, August 7, 2009

In Full Bloom

The weather is finally more summer like and all the rain has made the flowers and vegetables in my garden grow like mad. The butterfly bushes have been very popular with a wide variety of butterflies, more than we have ever seen! The first picture is of a hummingbird moth. We get some every year. The first time we saw them, we thought it was a baby hummingbird, but they let you get really close to them and we could see the differences.

So far this year we have had spinach, lettuce, zucchini, radishes, peppers, tomatoes and yesterday I harvested a whole bunch of beets from our garden! We actually got 1 raspberry from the raspberry bushes with more to come in a few days, I think. Can't wait!

Sock Journal
I finished the gold Columbine socks. Not hard at all and here is what I have learned:
1. I really enjoy knitting socks
2. When you make a mistake and have to rip, it is probably a good idea to tink back rather than ripping out the rows! Small needles and fingering weight yarn and yarn overs that get lost are not a good combination. I kept missing the yarn overs, for some reason (probably not paying close enough attention) on the first leg. Had it almost finished when I realized the count was off. Ripping it back a few rows, I was not able to pick it up without really messing up the yarn (splitting the fiber and getting ugly pulls. So I ripped it back to the cuff and started over.
3. I can see why some people find knitting socks addictive. As I am knitting, I am getting all kinds of ideas on stitch and pattern combinations I can use on sock designs of my own.
4. In a week or less I can complete a pair of socks, if that is the only knitting I am doing or I can keep a pair as the go everywhere portable knitting project.
I am going to try Cookie A's Monkey socks next using Knit Picks Felicity self stripping yarn in the Gelato colorway. I have it sitting on my knitting bag tempting me while I finish up the birthday knitting for DGD#2.

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