Monday, December 14, 2009

Just Finish It, Already!

Why do we put things off? Little things that really don't take much time. Usually the big things get done but the little nagging things just sit there and mock you.

Last night I decided to dive in and finish a couple of those little things.

Had already done the big things through the day. Trees up, meat sauce with braciole cooked, filling for the cucidati (Italian fig cookies) all ground up and soaking up the whiskey fumes.

So when I put on the water for pasta for dinner, I took out the Who? hats and one 2x2 ribbed hat that were done but needed the ends tucked. These hats had been sitting there mocking me for weeks waiting for me to finish them up. It took me until the pasta water started to boil to get them finished!

The grafting of the last sock for DD#1 which had been completed 2 weeks ago? When the pasta was done cooking, so was the grafting. 7 minutes, exactly!

I also cast on the last of the 2x2 ribbed hats. I was working on them and the 2x2 ribbed socks at the same time and I felt as if all the will to knit was being drained from me. Yes, it's easy. Yes, you could practically do it in your sleep, but when that is all you're doing it seems like it will never be over.

So before I lost what little sanity I still possess, I cast on DH's alpaca scarf and let the last of the ribbed hats wait. That alpaca scarf, by the way, is like knitting butta! So soft and beautiful.

The snowstorm last Wednesday and Thursday, didn't give us more that 2 or 3 inches of snow. The winds and low temps had the kids home from school on Thursday, so the boys picked up the trees and did they pick well this year. We also made a batch of cutout cookies and watched Christmas movies. Good times!

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