Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer???

We have had a fantastic May! A week of wet cold weather in the middle but now it's hot, hot , hot. Being a fan of temps that don't go much above 72, I must say 90 degrees is way too much for me. Record breaking hot temps means that our little corner of the world really doesn't get this warm and it is unexpected. I am not a person who complains about the weather (what good does it do?) so I'll take this in stride and hope we get more normal temps soon.

The above average weather means the flowers are ahead of their normal schedule. My lilacs came and went way too soon. The roses are about to bloom. The irises are on their way out. The lilies are right in the midst of blooming. So instead of blogging, I have been enjoying my garden. The clematis on the swing are spectacular and one of my favorite garden space, the shade garden by the back porch is looking its best right now. The different shades of green and blue are lovely.

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