Thursday, June 24, 2010

What was that?

The last day of school was yesterday. Nathan and Papa went golfing to celebrate. First a dip in the pool to wash off all the school cooties (is that a '50's thing?) lunch and off they went. Jordyn and I had some lunch and I was finishing up when she went to play in the living room. As I was sitting on the stool at the counter, I felt the stool shaking! No large trucks going by, but the air conditioner had come on. (This was the first day this summer we have put it on). I peeked down the basement, heard it making its lovely wishing sound and made a mental note to tell the DH.

Now, I will admit that for a millisecond I thought "Earthquake", but my mind whipped right past that to a more logical idea "Air Conditioner is shaking the house!" Right.

Surprise, surprise. There was an earthquake in the Northeast of 5.0, epicenter near Quebec around 1:45 EDT.

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