Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cookie Central is Closed

With the last batch of cookies fresh out of the oven, I am declaring CookieCentral closed. And I got 3 batches made before 10:00. Yeah me!

The last ones are pizzelles,pecan tassies and hello dolly bars.

I'd like to make another batch of gingerbread, but I ran out of butter. Of all things! I went to the store twice yesterday but it never occurred to me to check my butter supply. I have been stockpiling since thanksgiving,but I guess quantities of cookies take quantities of butter. Maybe next week. I like the gingerbread the best and can eat it Ll year round.

So this year we made Italian fig cookies (cuccidatti), cut outs, gingerbread, Mexican wedding cakes, jam thumbprints, pecan tassies, hello dolly bars and pizzelles. The new kid on the block was peppermint bark, which has been such a huge hit that I will make another batch and add it to the annual cookie parade.

Now off to start the wrapping and clean the house, which has been sadly neglected the past few days (weeks?)

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