Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So Far, So Good

The third week of the year and I am keeping to my resolutions.  I finished a pair of socks for myself that I started in October!  Yes, they are my take along project, but I really haven't been knitting on them as much as I should.  I also finished a hat for Granddaughter#1's birthday and started a pair of socks for DH.
In the "projects I've been avoiding" segment, I put together my sister-in-law's sweater that I took home last summer to do for her.  Took me a few hours while watching playoff games this weekend.  Why did I wait so long? So that's one bag out of my craft room.  We also cleaned out the front hall closet which had the picture overflow that needed sorting and throwing out.  These included posters and pictures we purchased that will never go up on the walls and old pictures of the grandkids that need to go in albums while I recycle the picture frames.  Another nagging project that took very little time when we finally got to it.
So far three weeks, three completed knitting projects and three nagging projects done.

No movies this weekend, but I did re watch one of my favorites "About a Boy" on Monday when DH had his monthly Romeo dinner.  Great movie with Hugh Grant.  We are also really enjoying the second season of "Downton Abbey"  I recorded and am re-watching the first season and loving it.

Book Department:  I finished 3 books, so far this year.  "Endangered Species", "Firestorm" and the second Flavia De Luca "The Weed that Strung the Hangman's Bag".
And I actually had to go to the library for a "real" book on Saturday.  I'm reading my way through the Anna Pigeon series and "Endangered Species" was not available for Nook or audiobook.  I found, interestingly enough, that I was reading much faster with the paper book.  I think it is because turning the pages is a totally unconscious movement, with the Nook, I am still very aware when I turn the page, either by touching the screen or clicking the button.  I have to think about it for a split second and it disturbs my train of thought.  Sometimes the pages don't turn or too many turn so again, it stops me for a few seconds.  I'm sure I will get used to it.  The convenience of having an assortment of books at my fingertips is worth the learning curve.

Friday the kids had a half day of school and of course we had our first real snow storm of the season.   It was a little tricky driving and it took me about an hour to get there, but we managed.  Then over the weekend it warmed up and rained buckets.  Today the weather turned again and it is very cold and a bit snowy.  This type of weather is really bad for the garden.  Plants heave and the roots freeze.  Better a deep blanket of snow like last year.

Let's see how this resolve holds!

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