Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Place

 I love this time of the year.  So full of possibilities.  Even though the summer flew by and we didn't have as much swimming time toward the end of August as I would have liked and we didn't seem to get to do as much as we thought we would, it is good to have that crisp air in the early mornings and the bright yellow school buses taking the kids back to school.

The garden, as you can see in the pictures, is still full of color.  I planted, I think,  almost 100 gladiola bulbs.  I did stagger the planting in order to have color a bit longer.  Not sure how many have come up, as I have been picking them for a few weeks and still have quite a few still growing.  The mix of sunflowers is adding lots of sunny, happy to the back garden.  The Autumn Joy sedum finally got replanted in the right spot and is full and changing into its purple fall color.

The vegetable garden was not too good this year.  Eggplant need hot weather and so do the tomatoes.  the winter squash is doing just fine and I think we will be harvesting enough to take us through the fall and early winter.

We have plans to rework the right side of the back garden.  These were the only beds that didn't get redone this spring.  Plans are for more of a butterfly garden in one of the three 8x8 beds.  We have our eye on some milkweed in a field and I want to get some of the seeds, I also have a few pots of bee balm that I grew from seeds to replant, once we have all the debris cleaned out.  I would like to have a raised bed in one of the other spots for herbs and greens.  It needs to be built up so that the family of rabbits that have lived under our shed for the past 20 years can't get to the veggies.

Fall is the perfect time to do the heavy lifting that these projects need.  Hopefully we will get it done.

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