Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Goodbye February, Hello Spring

I always have hated February.  The only good thing about it is my daughter's birthday.  This February was the coldest in the history of record keeping in the history of this area.  That goes back to 1871.

The beginning of March has been equally as nasty.  Yesterday we had the craziest weather.  Started out cold and snowy, about 2 inches worth and windy, then changed to freezing rain and then just rain when the temperatures went over the freezing mark for the first time since January. I have been very worried about the solar panels.  They have been covered with about 18 inches of snow since January. All the thawing and freezing yesterday made me anxious.  But here is what it looks like today.
Almost all cleared off.  There was a huge dump of snow in front of the garage door that we had to shovel but we were glad to do it since it meant the solar is humming away today making our electricity.  The solar guys told us not to touch the panels, just let Mother Nature do her job and so far they have been right.  (The Christmas decorations do have to go, don't they?  After Friday, temps should be in the 30's and 40's if we can believe the extended forecast.  So soon they will be a thing of the past.)

This is my view as I am doing my yoga in the morning: yes, I can finally see out of the skylight.  All the snow has melted off.  The buds on the tree look ready to burst and I am just so ready for some blossoms.

Here are some pictures of the back yard.  Hard to believe the amount of snow piled up.
Granddaughter making a fort under the round table on the patio.
Standing near the bird feeders looking down at them instead of up.

Hubby trying to shovel the snow away from the mailbox, since the postal service says they can't get near it and haven't left mail for a week.  Yet our newspaper carrier has no problem getting our paper to us every day.  Sigh.

Knitting is at sort of a standstill.  My hands and shoulder were very sore, so I stopped knitting for over a week and have started back very slowly.  I have 5 pairs of socks knitted for the year.  The end of this week is the 10th week of the year, so I was a little ahead of myself.

I have started my sixth pair, a really pretty Knit Picks Felici That I have had forever.  Just wish I had gotten more of this yarn when it was available.  I really like the softness of it.  Good for the kids socks since it is not the least bit scratchy.

This is Martinique colorway and is prettier than I thought it would be, green, blue and purple stripes.
I should have this sock finished by Saturday and be right on track for my 52 in 2015 sock goal.

Just three more subzero days to get through before it begins to warm up.  Hooray!

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