Sunday, February 1, 2009

We Are Not Amused

In December I entered a contest on the Knit Picks website. It was a non-thinking contest, just pick out one of three sweaters you'd like to make from Knitty's Winter issue and say why you'd like to make it. I was floored when I was one of the three picked for the "Amused" sweater. I finished my January hat and January Mittens that I had committed to, so began the sweater last week. I'm loving the yarn. It is Swish in Marine Heather which is soft and beautiful and a wonderful color.

But, I have only made hats, mittens and baby clothes for the past few months and as I read through the pattern, would have rows that had (gulp) 324 stitches! I reminded myself that I have been finishing up large projects (afghans) and it was a top down raglan, hence all the stitches and no sewing up, so I could do this.

Size is a question since I have lost a bit of weight and have more to go, but I think the fit of this sweater will accommodate that and I can try it on as I go and adjust because it is a top down raglan.

What I've been doing this week:
Listening to hacking and coughing, Amy and her kids had colds and so does Pat
Had my first sock knitting class on Monday. Tomorrow we will do the heel
Tried to stay warm and out of snow drifts (it's official January was the coldest and snowiest since the infamous blizzard of '77 winter
Made soups (corn chowder and vegetable) and more Dilly Bread yesterday
Went through two bins of old hand knit sweaters and tried to decide what to do with them (more on that at a later date)
I crazily requested all the the Yarn Harlot's books from the library at once (there are 6 of them)and they all came in at the same time. Don't know why I didn't stagger them out a bit. I've gone through two of them and they are just like her blog, funny and well written odes to knitting and the crazy things knitters do, but I think I'll have YH overdose by the time I finish them all.
Really revelling in the return of Lost and all the Lost blogs and discussion groups. Ditto Battlestar Gallactica. I am amazed at how many knitters are BG fans.
Looking forward to the Super Bowl tonight. I should get through quite a bit of my sweater while watching.

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