Monday, March 9, 2009


So, it's been such a long time since I posted an entry, let's play a little catch-up.

I did finish Amused and it was really a quick knit, even though I am really not a big fan of top down raglans. I noticed a funny spot on the sleeve after it was done, so I want to rip it back and reknit that sleeve before I wear it.

It has been a funny sort of time here and one of the reasons I haven't blogged is due to the plane crash that happened on Feb 12 as a plane was coming in to land at the Buffalo airport. It crashed a few miles away and the whole community has been caught up in following the cleanup efforts and mourning the dead. So sad. Although I didn't know anyone affected, it was still a shock to the whole area.

As far as knitting goes, I took a class on sock making at Have Ewe Any Wool yarn shop in Snyder. Miss Maryann was a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher and I have made two pairs of socks. Although the class was using two cable needles she let me use the magic loop method and I really liked doing them that way. I also have purchased enough sock yarn to keep my whole family in socks for a long time.

I also got the yarn for the two dinosaur afghans. I will start them after I finish Nathan's afghan.

We had a knitting weekend at the Holiday Inn on Grand Island this past weekend, so I now have 4 new projects to add to my Ravelry page: a Fair Isle purse (which I frogged because I didn't like the way I placed my colors), a pink bunny (which still needs two legs and two ears), a cowl (which I'm halfway through) and an entrelac scarf (which is just on the second row).

There were 15 of us. We stayed over Friday and Saturday nights and left after our entrelac class. Very good food and great company. Its nice to spend time with other people who share your passion!

We also got a dog. We've been missing having a dog and have been looking at the SPCA and rescue sites. We found a beautiful two year old dog at the SPCA. She has a very calm disposition around other dogs and the kids. The only problem is she is an escape artist. Even though we have a fully fenced in backyard, she found all the spots it is breachable on her first go round of the yard. Each of the corners have a slight gap and there is a spot under the pine tree that the next door neighbor's cats have been using to sneak in and chase the birds at my bird feeder. DH reinforced all the spots, but it seems she doesn't need a very large gap to get through.

While I was enjoying myself on Saturday at my Knit weekend, she spotted one of the cats and gave chase in the blink of an eye, according to DH. He spent 4 hours looking for her in a pouring rain storm. When he got back, there were two messages on the answering machine. One from NOCO and one from the police. They had the SPCA pick her up, because no one was home here. She got bailed out this morning and has been sleeping ever since.

When DH was looking through her papers, he came across her pedigree. She's a coon hound and when we looked up the characteristics, she was just acting naturally. So it's fence mending time here. Joel is coming over with some fencing and they are going to try and fix all the gaps.

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