Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Robins and Crocuses

I'm a little bit euphoric today! It's St. Patrick's day, I've seen the first robins of spring and the crocuses are starting to bloom! Also, the temperature is supposed to get up to 60 F. Of course the weekend weather goes down into the 20's, but that's March for you. I'll take what I can get.

We had a surprise visit from DD#1 with the four kids, Sammy the dog and of course hubby. Got to spend time with the girls and the baby is at the adorable smiling and cooing stage. All the kids were over on Saturday and Nathan slept over so he would get to spend a little more time with his cousins. What a full house!

Frankie and Sammy got along amazingly well and ran around the backyard like two old friends. When they left on Sunday, Frankie was comatose for the entire day, barely opening her eyes

Jen called and said Sammy is depressed, won't leave his bed. He misses Frankie!

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