Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

We've had a rainy start to the kid's vacation. Nathan was able to golf on Monday with the Junior Golf League. He came back, had lunch and then we went in the pool. Steph dropped off Collin so we had three kids in the pool. Collin did well with the life vest on, so I think I need to get one more for Jordyn. That was the last good swimming day this week. It's been barely in the 70's. I actually prefer the cooler weather, but the kids are disappointed at the lack of swim time.

Tuesday the boys had a golf lesson and we went to pick strawberries. At first we though they were closed because of the downpour we had in the morning, but they said to go ahead and pick and warned of mud and puddles. It was actually the best picking I can remember. We literally stood in one spot and filled all the baskets. Rain is GOOD for strawberries. Jordyn ate her way through the strawberry patch. She even has some in her hair. Had a great time.

I made a few batches of jam and froze some and ate the rest!

Yesterday, the boys were going to play 9 holes of golf in the morning, but Frankie had escaped again!!! DH had let her out about 8:00 a.m. and I went out for my morning walk. I looked for her in the backyard when I got back and no Frankie to be found. There was a hole in the back fence that she had made and must have squeezed her way through. Nathan did not want to go golfing until Frankie was found, so they drove and walked miles looking for her. About 6:00 pm we got a call from a nice couple on Tonawanda Creek road, saying they had her tied to their deck. It has to be about 5 or 6 miles to the creek. I think she must have stopped there because she couldn't get across the creek, which is more like a river at that point...deep enough for pleasure boats.

So she's back home now. She hasn't gone out at all, she barely moved from her kennel. I don't think there is anything we can do to keep her confined if she wants to get out. We will continue to reinforce the fence line, but she is one determined dog when she spots any wild life.

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