Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back From Letchworth

October 13th

We are back from our five days at Letchworth and back to our regular work week. DH is at work and I will go pick up the littlest school girl in a few minutes. Our stay was as peaceful as ever. Even though there were lots more people to contend with than we usually run into. The library was busy (and noisy) every night and the weather was just a little cooler than normal. The food was wonderful and the rest was just what we need about this time of year.
The color was spectacular. It rained all day on Wednesday but we walked our morning walk with our rain gear and were rewarded with the sight of a beautiful 6 point buck deep in the woods with about 10 members of his family. They are going to allow bow hunting in the park in a few weeks because of the tremendous overpopulation of the deer, but I hope he is spared!
We went to Hammondsport on Wednesday and visited a few wineries. We had an early dinner at Bully Hill and were treated to the spectacular sight of a rainbow below us over the lake. Notice the lack of pictures? Where is my camera when I need it!
These pictures of the park were taken on Friday when fog blanketed the ravine. that dot is a turkey buzzard circling.
(I wrote this on the 13th and left it to edit, but haven't had a chance to post since then.)

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