Sunday, October 25, 2009

What happened to the last two weeks?

Well, the wedding is over and Halloween is coming. It has been a very busy couple of weeks and I have just about caught my breath. We had the out of town group of 2 adults, 4 kids and a dog staying with us for four days for the wedding (which was wonderful
We had the kids after school for the past two weeks because of the wedding preps and sickness among the brood. Just coughs and fevers probably from all the contact with bunches of people and the unseasonably cold weather. The wedding went well in spite of the cold and now we get ready for the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
It seems you don't have to travel very far from your own backyard this fall to see the most spectacular colors. The leaves haven't fallen yet and are turning the most beautiful colors of gold I have ever seen. The burning bush is vivid and the maple has yet to turn completely. I drive on my usual routes and keep finding myself distracted by the beauty. We haven't had the strong winds that are usual and that strip the trees bare in an afternoon so we are really enjoying a spectacle.
I finished Nathan's fingerless gloves that he wanted for his birthday in September but were pushed down the list by the Wedding Shawl. He patiently waited until I finished his sister's birthday sweater but has been dogging me to finish them so he can wear them on Halloween. So they are done and now I am free to pick up anything I want! What freedom.
Oh, yeah.....Christmas knitting. I am going to make hats for everyone, so I better start them soon.
When we went to Letchworth for five days, I really thought about the knitting I wanted to take with me. I usually overpack yarn and books, being overly optimistic about the knitting and reading time I will have. We are usually very active, walking numerous trails, so don't have a lot of sitting around time. I brought Jordyn's Elephant sweater, back and sleeves plain knitting, the green and purple socks which needed a heel turn, and the makings for my blue cabled cardigan. My plan was to knit the plain sweater in the car going down and back and on the trip to Hammondsport; turn the heel and knit the remainder of one of the socks and get the back of the sweater knit in the evenings when I could pay attention.
It worked perfectly. I got everything done I had planned and gave myself a great sense of accomplishment instead of being disappointed that I knitted so little, as had happened in the past.

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jennifer said...

I am loving that tube top! *hint, hint, wink, wink* I'm just as flat-chested as that girl. i could wear that bra-less!