Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good, Better, Best

Still lots of color in the backyard even though there was just the littlest bit of snow mixed in with the rain. (Fuzzy picture for some reason)
Thursdays are my running around day. Weight Watchers meeting, grocery shopping, returns to the library, some yarn shopping. You get the picture.
So I returned some DVD's the library and was able to score the next two LOST dvd's in my quest to review all the shows before the final season starts. I am following the discussion in the Washington Post on line at Lost Central and am behind by about 4 weeks what with vacation
and weddings taking up my time. So I was really happy to see the two dvd's that I needed on the shelf. As I was checking out, I looked over at the shelves and there was a volunteer with gloves and cleaning solution wiping down all the cases on the dvd's. The bad news is he was only on the first shelf and hadn't gotten to the ones I took out.
So if I have the flu and get some movies to pass the time, won't I get germs on the inside of the case as well as the outside?
Do you think we are becoming altogether way too paranoid about the H1N1 flu? I do.
I lost half a pound, even though I really haven't been following program this week and haven't been able to exercise as much as I usually do because of the crazy knee thing that was going on. It's okay now, but I want to ease back into my routine so it doesn't get aggravated again.
I went to Joann's to look at some beads for the eyes on the Who? hats I'm making for the kids for Christmas and scored the IK Holiday Gifts magazine. I have been looking out for this since I saw the teasers for it. I looked at Barnes and Noble, the grocery store which usually carries all the IK mags, JoAnn's last week (I was so disappointed not to find it last week that I bought 6 skeins of sock yarn). I was going to order it on-line but then there it was. Actually just a few of them by the pattern books, none on the magazine rack.
I wonder if it is the price that is stopping some stores from carrying this, or if their supplies just haven't come in yet.
There has been a lot of buzz in the internet chat rooms about the cover price ($14.99) and the fact that some of the patterns are recycled.
I had a 40% off coupon so got $6.00 off the price. But I would have bought it at full price, if I had to. There are more things in it that I will make, than items I would not. There are 5 sock patterns! Some people download sock patterns at $5 or $6 dollars each, and don't think a thing about it.
I would have bought it for the You Kiss a Hundred Frogs Purse alone. It is so cute. But the pattern I really wanted was the Ionic Column Scarf made with 1 skein of Kid Silk Haze (or Kid Silk Crack, as the Yarn Harlot calls it). A perfect gift of elegance at a reasonable price. I want to make one for each of my daughters and myself, of course.
Yes, two more skeins of sock yarn came home with me. This is a jaquard called Lavender. Love the purples. You can't have too much sock yarn!

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