Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving, Already!

Christmas cactus blooming like crazy!

How did it get to be the weekend before Thanksgiving? It really caught me by surprise. We went to WV to visit DD#1 last week from Wednesday to Sunday and had a wonderful time hanging out with the beautiful granddaughters and handsome baby! The weather wasn't as nice there as it was here. They had the rain and cold from Hurricane Ida visiting at the same time we were. Sunday, when we left was promising to be warm and sunny. Doesn't that just figure.

I was able to get some good knitting done on the 8 hour car ride, even though I did my share of driving. I finished another of the Who? hats and am now finishing up the last of the 6, so I will have that knitting done way before Thanksgiving which was my goal. Of course I have hats for the boys to do, also. Don't have the yarn for them yet.

We got back to a pile of mail (don't you love this time of year when all the Christmas catalogs come) and packages. And this came in one of the boxes. That's Nora Gaughan's new men's pattern book and the yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in white for the Curvier scarf for DH for Christmas. He picked it all out so it won't be surprise knitting. Since we are together 24/7, knitting a surprise for him is difficult.

DH's birthday and anniversary presents had also come while we were gone, so we had quite a collection. (There was also a new knitting book, which I will talk about in another blog.)

I was doing some listening to some podcasts and reading some blogs that, coincidentally were discussing knitting in public and surprisingly were in harmony with what I expressed in my last blog. I was also listening to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off:The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting and she discusses knitting in public's dos and don'ts much better than I. If you like her blog, I highly recommend reading any of her books. For some bizarre reason, earlier this year I requested every one of her books from the library and received them all at the same time! I was all Yarn Harlot all the time for a couple of weeks. Thoroughly enjoyed them but liked Cast Off the least, possibly because it was the last I read and I was over Harlotted. I recently downloaded the audio book and really enjoyed it

Well I'm off to start cooking the vegetables for our Thanksgiving dinner. Sweet potatoes, turnips, squash, brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce should all be done this weekend and in the freezer, then it's on to the pies! Pumpkin, apple, cherry and chocolate are on the menu. Aren't we lucky to be blessed with so much abundance!

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