Friday, April 2, 2010

Summer's Here

I know it is barely spring, but yesterday the temperature here was 77. 77! In April! In Buffalo!
Today promises more of the same and through the weekend. An Easter where we don't have to wear our winter coats over cotton dresses. Unbelievable. Ducks are back swimming in the pool
which still has the cover on. DH actually is thinking about taking the cover off. In April! Wow!
Of course, it could snow three feet next week but right now we are giddy and doing things like taking out the patio furniture (we actually had dinner on the patio last night), riding our bikes (have almost worked up to our summer time distance) and opening windows to air out the house.
The mail brought me a beautiful bouquet on Wednesday. When I opened the box, Jordyn gasped and said " Nana, it's a rainbow". Yeah, it is. Knit Picks new tonal sock and lace weight yarn. Beautiful.
So how come I feel like knitting with cotton right now?

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