Friday, April 16, 2010

Too Many Birds

I haven't been posting because lately, not because I have nothing to say (when has that ever been a problem for me) but because when I am in front of the computer I am completely taken up with the ongoing drama of The Owl Box. Molly and McGee and Carlos Royal and the four little fluff balls have become my obsession. I have the link up all day long and check on them throughout the day. I especially like early morning, because as they are in California, it is still nighttime there and you get to see Molly and McGee flying in with prey for the babies.

I totally have MOD which is code for Molly Obsessive Disorder. The cam was down Wednesday night through Thursday because Carlos was away. I knew it was down and would be until he returned which he did last yesterday, but that didn't stop me from checking dozens of time during the day. I actually was checking as the camera got turned back on and cheered. I must get some help!!!

They are really fascinating to watch. But if that isn't enough, there is the Phoebe Cam which is a hummingbird's nest. This has been a real nail biter as we watched her fight off a lizard, abandon her eggs which were not viable, then have the next clutch of eggs get eaten by crows. Nathan and I caught the lizard attack as it happened, because he checks out the nests as soon as he gets home from school!

There is also the bald eagle nest which has three baby bald eagles being raised in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens by their watchful parents. It was amazing to watch them being taken out of the nest and banded then returned. You could catch glimpses of the parents' shadows as they circled overhead until the babies were returned safely.

The beautiful weather we are having, so unusual for April has brought out multitudes of birds in my own backyard. The finches have their bright gold feathers already and are back at my feeders. There was a big, beautiful red headed woodpecker looking for suet yesterday. There was also drama in the pine trees, as a group of birds attacked a hawk in the back of my yard. He must have been after their eggs or babies.

I don't live in the country. I live in a suburban development at the intersection of two busy streets. With a few well stocked feeders, a bird bath and some trees for shelter, you can have a bird watching treat in your backyard.

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