Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Slips and I Don't Care

So New Year's resolutions have gone out the window and I don't have even a little bit of regret.

I bought new yarn, started new projects, signed up for another 4 classes and I am very happy with all of my decisions.

I blame it on the miserable non-spring we are having. Cold, cold snowy days. The robins and mourning doves are looking at me with miserable expressions, although I noticed an incredible chorus of beautiful bird-song this morning when I let the dog out.

My class project is going well. I have just the last half sleeve to knit. I put the back and front together and I think this is going to be a really nice sweater. Easy knitting! The class is going to meet on Sunday to work on the sweater some more, even though the class is over, so I will save the remainder of the knitting for then. We have a very nice group and we are all taking four more classes together, which will extend into June. There is a tee top, a lacy cardigan, a shawl and a ruched top that I am looking forward to making.

Of course, all the knitting on cotton that I was doing in an attempt to get the back and front put together before the last class and trying to get some more done on my February Lady Sweater gave me a sore hand. I think I knit all day last Wednesday because the snow storm we had ALL DAY LONG was making me crazy. Plus I didn't have to go out at all, kids had off and mom was home. I don't think I moved out of my knitting chair the entire day.

I gave my knitting a rest on Sunday night and Monday , too. But I really want to get back to my February Lady sweater soon. I love the yarn, the color and the way it is working up.

I just need to repeat "I will not overdue" take breaks and make sure I do some stretching.

Instead of knitting while I watched the kids yesterday, I took along some blocks to put together for the Cream Bedspread.

Here they are blocking. I have enough done to put another row together and it is really beginning to look like I am at the end of a very long tunnel.

Or at the very least, I can see the light far off in the distance. Once these four blocks are put together, I will have three more rows of four blocks to go. Sixteen blocks per row times 3 rows is 48 more blocks to sew together. But if you look at what I have already sewn together, it almost looks like a bedspread.

I think I will continue to do the sewing up as I stay with the kids. That will give me a definite time frame to work on this and get it finished.

I had to order two balls of Wool of the Andes for my Fair Isle cardigan that weren't in stock when I placed the original order and decided to add some of the new Aloft

yarn from Knitpicks and OMG, is it wonderful. So soft, and the colors are lovely. I haven't tried to knit with it, although my fingers are itching to start.

I really need to knit some lace, so pulled out the Juno Regina and some lace yarn and put it in a project bag. Not sure when I will start this, but the call of the lace is very strong.

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