Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Sock Update

My sock knitting seems to have stalled and my hope is blogging about my sock knitting on Wednesday will prompt at least a bit of knitting through the week.
My plain sock is almost to the heel on the second sock but the Clerkenwell socks has been totally ignored. I do know why. The cable graph is the kind that my mind can't seem to get around. Occasionally I have this problem with a graph even though I usually prefer them for any kind of cable or lace knitting.

I actually took the time to write out every line of the graph but I think I have to do this again, since I took a look at it today after not working on the sock for a few weeks, and I totally can't understand what I wrote. Doh!

So that will be in the works today. Probably a better use of my time instead of knitting as I am still having problems with soreness in my right hand.

I'm on jury duty watch this week. My number hasn't come up as yet. I am in the 1000's and they called up to 600 yesterday, so I will probably have to go in tomorrow or Friday. I hate the sit around and wait aspect and not knowing how to plan the week. Every one is in the "I'll call you after 6:00pm to see about kid watching and Weight Watcher meetings" mode. Plus there is snow forecast for the rest of the week, so that means schlepping around in boots and gloves and such. Ugh.
Took a look at the Clerkenwell pattern and think I am going to modify it. Make the plain part with cables rather than the curlicue cables in the front. I just don't think they will be worth the effort with this dark blue yarn. Plus this will motivate me to restart knitting them. Love the colorwork.

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