Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Things

Still making progress on the sleeves for the cardigan for DH.  Two sleeves at once may be something I do from now on.  It is so easy to keep track of the increases.  Yes, it seems to be slower since I would probably be finish with one complete sleeve, if I was doing this one at a time, but when I got to the second one, I'd lose time  constantly counting and trying to figure out where I had done  all the changes to the first one.
One thing I am having a hard time with (and I have messed up a couple of times) is not working on the correct sleeve .  Finishing two rows of the first sleeve and not having done the same rows of the second.  I have put on lots and lots of markers, keeping track of rows, the various changes in the cables and I added the handy little "start" and "end" markers that came with the cute little "Stitchdot"  stitch markers.  I love what they refer to as the "retro" case.  I remember taking my lunch money to school in a case like this one.

I have the toe of one sock to complete on Nathan's socks.  Need to have him try it on.  His feet get bigger every day!

It was warm enough (with rain) for all the snow to be gone.  We even took a nice walk yesterday during halftime of the football game.  We have been watching the playoffs this weekend, so didn't watch any movies.  We watched the Golden Globe award show.  This is always so much more fun to watch than either  the Emmys or the Oscars.

We did watch last weeks episode of "Downton Abbey"  and I was a little disappointed in what seemed like choppiness in the scenes, didn't seem to flow well.  And a little more of the wedding would have been nice.  The program that aired before it was the real life residents going through all that they have to do to keep this beautiful place from falling down.  It does seem like a daunting task and incredibly expensive.

I am really keeping to my resolution to read 2 books a week.  I have been using the recommendations of the podcast "Books on the Nightstand" as my guide and I haven't hit a dud yet.  Listened to  "The Age of Miracles" audio book and enjoyed it tremendously.

I also read  an Agatha Raisin "Hiss and Hers",  Now I love M.C. Beaton having read all the Agatha
and Hamish MacBeth series, but this was just dreadful.  It reminds me of The Cat Who series that just got impossible to read.  Not much plot, or character development and a total disregard to time.  I'll probably try the next Hamish but I'm definitely finished with Agatha.

It's hubby's ROMEO night out, so I may watch a movie tonight.  Have to see what's out there!

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