Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year So Far

Christmas is just about put away here.  The decorations are all boxed up.  The only remnants are the two trees, bare and waiting to go to the curb and be composted.  That is one big job, getting everything back to normal.  The house looks a little bare and sad!

I have been busy on DH's cardigan.  Finished the back and both fronts.  The hardest part, so far,  was to do the raglan decreases and v-neck decreases and keep some integrity to the cable pattern and keep both sides symmetric.  I think I accomplished this and have started the sleeves. 

I am doing both sleeves at the same time.  Something I have never done before!  It never bothered me to make a second sleeve, as some knitters say they get "second sleeve syndrome"  i.e. not liking to make two of the same thing.  My reasons for knitting these at the same time, is the same problem I had with the fronts.  I want to ensure the increases and decreases and the cable pattern all happen in the same place on both sleeves without constant counting and marking.

Blogger is giving me picture problems, so I can't post pictures at the moment, so I thought I could link the project but that gave me warning messages! (Sigh)  (EDITED to add picture.  I installed Google Chrome now able to add pictures)

I am on my way to completing 2 books a week, since I finished "Burn" by Neveda Barr and  "Defending Jacob" by William Landay this week.  I guessed the ending to "Defending Jacob", probably because the reviews told me there was a surprise ending.  The last three Nevada Barr books have been darker than the other books in the series but all were very good.  I highly recommend both of these books.

Watched Christmas movies this week, so oldies but goodies.  I did watch "The Descendants" while DH was out somewhere and we both watched "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" last weekend.  Both very good.  We are watching the first season of  "The Big Bang Theory" and liking it.  It is a one note comedy, but it has made me laugh out loud, so we will continue with the second season.

"Downton Abbey" season three starts tonight!!  I am so ready for this.  Also new episodes of our old series coming back tonight, so lots of TV knitting happening.

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