Thursday, September 24, 2009


This plot in the back garden turned out to be a lovely surprise this year. The grandkids call it the island of flowers since it is an oval plot in the middle of the yard. I had it filled with perennials and over the last two years have moved all of the flowers to different beds as we added them around the new structures in the back yard. The plan was to have this bed empty and dug up, waiting for the fall so that we could plant all lilies in it. To keep it from getting overrun with weeds and to make it look nice for the summer, I put in Giant sunflowers (see how heavy the heads are with seeds?), cosmos and zinnia seeds. It turned out so well that we are rethinking the plan. It has been continuously colorful, so we think we will do the same thing next year. We will change the location of the lily garden to the perennial beds bordering the path to the back yard. Gardening always gives you surprises, sort of like knitting!

Got through through 201 rows of the shawl. That's 77.7% done. I am on the last chart. Should be able to get it completed if not by tomorrow, (which was my very optimistic goal) at least through the weekend.
Having wonderful fall weather. Sunny, warm lovely days with just that hint of coolness that signals fall. The leaves are turning rapidly so we should have some beautiful color when we go to Letchworth in 2 weeks. Can't wait. I'm already planning the books and knitting I intent to pack. A couple of socks (plain vanilla and the famous Cookie A's Monkey socks) and either the blue zip front cabled sweater or the Central Park Hoodie depending on what I get knit after the shawl is completed.

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