Monday, September 14, 2009

Now What Do I Do?

For 41 years, more or less, I have not had mornings to myself. Not consistently, as part of my regular routine. Oh, there have been the occasional days went I would get an unexpected gift of peace and quiet but for the most part I was wrangling three girls and husband, working where I wrangled customers, students, reports, and now my retirement years where I wrangle husband and grandchildren.
But now the husband is doing his part time work thing over tax season (school and property tax) and the "baby" is going to pre-school. I pick her up at 11:00, so that means my house is absolutely quiet. I can hear the fridge running and the clocks ticking! I get a gift of two hours. Wow! What am I going to do with them, that is the question.

The first day of school prompted these conversations:

To grandson #1: What was the best thing about your first day in middle school?
His reply: "Technology. Two words, Nana. Circular saws! "

Pre-schooler when Mom woke her up for the second day of school: "Again?"

I finished the green vanilla socks for DD#2. I was going to use the Knit Picks Essential Multi in Fruit Punch for my next "vanilla socks" But I think there will be too much "pooling". I'll pick a different pattern for this yarn.
I'm halfway into the fourth repeat on the wedding shawl, so far so good.

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