Saturday, September 5, 2009

Season's Change

It's September. How did that happen? Wednesday was the last day we would have the kids this summer. Asked them what they wanted to do and they said "Bake Cookies" so we did. Made chocolate chip and had a really nice day. The pool is very cool, but Nathan went in one more time on Tuesday. The nights are so cool that even though it's a nice upper 70's during the day, the water doesn't get very warm.
On Wednesday Jordyn had pre-school orientation. She starts school on Tuesday.

I took my walk on Thursday and the kids on the block were out waiting for the bus. They started on the 3rd, before Labor Day! Kenmore starts next Tuesday after Labor Day. Hard to believe the summer's over, probably because were missed one whole month with the miserable July we had.

Because of that rainy month we lost all our tomatoes to late blight. It is really sad to see this huge crop of tomatoes rot on the vine. We are taking out all the plants and tomatoes (which actually smell really bad also) and bagging them up to go in the garbage. Our other crops came in like gang busters and we have tons of peppers, eggplant, and the ubiquitous zucchini so the new vegetable garden wasn't a total bust.

I made Dante's sweater and am working on a hat to go with it. Should ship this out today or tomorrow. His 1st birthday is Sunday. How fast it goes by. My September birthdays and Jordyn in October sort of took me by surprise. I'll have to plan better next year. This is a cluster of three, while the others are spread out more.

DD#2 wants a shawl for her wedding in October, so I ordered some yarn for the Icarus Shawl Also ordered yarn for the fingerless gloves for Nathan and the yarn for hats for the kids for Christmas. Then I placed another order for a Fair Isle Mystery knitalong on Knit Picks so I had to throw in a couple of skeins of sock yarn to get the free shipping! (I know, I know, it's a sickness).

Sock Journal:
On hold while I finish birthday gifts. Want to get the green socks done this weekend.

Reality Check:
Finished putting the Lizard Ridge Afghan together. Finished up the Gold Columbines that just needed some ends tucked in.

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