Friday, February 5, 2010

Crazy Zipper

I finished my blue cardigan and sewed it together while catching up on the last season of Lost, before the new season began on last Tuesday. I crammed in almost the entire season over last weekend and now when I look at the cardigan, I associate it with that series. So it will be my "Lost" sweater, in my mind, anyway. It turned out so well and I was so happy with it, I wanted to get it done and on, asap. The last thing I had to do was put in the zipper. Not a particularly difficult task. If you have never done this, I'll discuss my process next Friday.
The problem came when I went to buy a separating zipper, 22" long. There is a lack of color choices at JoAnn's. The only colors I could find were navy blue, white, black and brown. None of which would look well with this light blue heathered yarn. I chose the white and figured if I sewed it just right, it would be hidden from view.
Well, I did a great job of covering the zipper, but as you wear it, the front can separate a tiny bit and the white was like a traffic light. Also, if I ever wanted to wear it with the zipper only partly closed, the white zipper would be the only thing that you would see. I could have dyed the zipper before I put it in, which was my original intent, but I was delusional and in a hurry to get this done and worn. What to do? An Internet search found a light blue 22" separating zipper, but you had to buy three and with shipping the cost would be $15.00 dollars. Nope!
Enter fabric paint! If it worked, I was done, if not I could remove the zipper, buy another and dye it and then sew it back in. Nothing to lose. I bought 2 shades of blue for a couple of dollars, mixed the two to match the sweater and painted the zipper in place.

It worked. Here's the sweater back with all the beautiful cables.

And here is the sweater front with not a hint of white showing. Ta da. Never underestimate the convoluted thought process of a desperate knitter.
I love, love, love this sweater. Why did it take me 12 years to get to it?

I have added a countdown in the top right hand corner of the blog to help motivate me in finishing off the cream bedspread. I intend to update it as I complete each square and my plan is to have it off my blog (and actually on my bed)by the end of February.

The Yarn Harlot is doing the Knitting Olympics again and I am going to participate using the Cream Bedspread as my project. If I get the squares finished before the closing ceremony, my project will also include sewing up the squares. (I am already sick of writing "Cream Bedspread" so will refer to it as CB from now on.)

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