Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay, it wasn't even the game for the gold, so why does the USA hockey victory over Canada seem like it was the BIG ONE? What an awesome game. I couldn't even knit while I was watching it!

I know the Canadians really want to win the gold and they still might. Any other time I would even be rooting for their win. After all Lindy Ruff (Buffalo Sabres coach) is an assistant coach with the Canadian team. But with Ryan Miller in goal (Buffalo Sabres goalie) and Patrick Kane (a Buffalo kid) playing, even Chris Drury an ex-Sabre, made it seem like a hometown team.

How important was this win to the US team? They were wearing replica Jerseys from the 1960 game which was the LAST time they beat the Canadian team in Olympic play! So I would say it was very big!
I'm busting my buttons with pride this morning. The Buffalo News has the report about the game on the front page, so at least in this town, it is big news!

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jennifer said...

Saw on your blog that you only have three more squares! How exciting;-)

I think I may like this better than the tube top. Not sure....what do you think? I saw it on your blog. The "free patterns" thingy. Cool stuff there.