Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Knitting

This Blue Cardigan is actually the finished January knitting. Being monogamous paid off, with me being able to stick to my knitting plan. I have a very loose list of projects for the next few months and we will see how well I stay on track.
This yarn was in my stash for at least 20 years (would you believe!). I still love it. The sweater, from a 1998 Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine is right back in style or never went out of style. Set in sleeves and beautiful cables with a zipper closure, nice and warm and just right for indoor wear this time of year. It will also be nice to wear as a jacket when it gets a little warmer.
So, you see this is part of the plan. I am knitting at least one project with my old yarn which I have in 3 bins in my closet, alternating with a project with new yarn. I was going to join in the Olympic Knitting , but then remembered my resolutions not to join in on anything this year.
Anyway, the Ravelry Olympics seem a bit complicated and I didn't want to take the time to figure them out. I decided to challenge myself during the Olympics and finish the 20 squares I have left of the cream bedspread. But then I finished the cardigan and thought instead of starting another sweater or shawl, why not make the bedspread my February knitting. So I am working on my bag of hat yarn (about 6 or 7 hats) and the bedspread. When I get tired of making those infernal squares, I will make a quick hat or a sock.
Then I will just have to sew all the 80 squares together. UGH!! That will leave an entire bin empty.

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