Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympics Are Over! Now What Do I Do?

Let's get the mourning over with first.

I really, really wanted the US hockey team to beat Canada. I really, really did. It was a great game and the team has nothing to be ashamed of! They gave it their all. Tying it up in the final few seconds and going into overtime, what a great finish! Ryan Miller's interview after the game was heart wrenching, he was so dejected.

I would love to know what coach Lindy Ruff told him as they hugged at the end of the game. It looked like some really intense moments. Imagine what you would tell an opponent, who the next moment is the backbone of your hockey team and will have to get his head back in the regular season!

I was glad to see him enjoying himself at the closing ceremonies. After all that's a silver medal around his neck. I just wish there was a little less rubbing salt in the wounds at the final moments of the ceremonies, Canada.

So back to knitting. I finished the little Citron shawlette, and I do mean little. Possibly it will get a little bigger with blocking. Maybe just a neck warmer, but it was an easy knit and looks great. I may make this again, but a bit bigger by about half. I had to break into another ball of yarn which was a different dye lot and with kettle dyed yarn that is saying it is almost a totally different yarn. I alternated it row by row and it blended in beautifully.
I wanted to start some new projects, so I cast on the monkey socks and the Central Park Hoodie. I also want to work on a Vanilla sock pattern of my own, for knitting up all the sock yarn I seem to have acquired in the past few weeks. Seems like all the craft stores are having sales on their yarn. Who can resist! Apparently not me.
We watched the kids every day last week, because the aunt had sick children. Did not want to have germs go back and forth. We also had Nathan and Mya sleep over on Saturday. Frankie loves to have friends over. It was about 34 degrees, and no wind so they were out most of the morning on Sunday. Frankie hasn't moved since Mya went home. All tired out!

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