Friday, March 12, 2010

Socks, Socks, Love the Socks

One of the reason that I decided against completing the Mystery knit along (I had finished the first 2 clues) is because of this sock: My first Cookie A sock! This is the first of a pair of Monkey Socks.Not a difficult lace pattern. I really shouldn't try to work on this while watching "The Marriage Ref" however, as I need to reknit a few rows. Ricky Gervaise just tickles me. I think he could recite the phone book and make me laugh!

I am moving beyond plain vanilla socks and getting inspired by the yarns already in my stash and the prospect of these delicious new yarns and colors from Knit Picks They are totally teasing us with these pictures. The yarn will be in by April and I am saving up to buy as many as I can afford. The greens and yellows and oranges are especially appealing! Need some spring color!

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