Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring's Around the Corner

It's been sunny and in the mid 30's for the last week so the snow is actually disappearing and there is a bit of grass showing. We haven't had the big winter storms that have hit so much of the country this year. Instead we got an few inches every few days with no thawing. As a result there has been snow covering the back yard since January! See the grass?

No wonder I am craving greens and yellows when I look for something to knit. It was nice enough to go for walks this weekend. I'm easing into the exercise, testing my knees. So far, so good.

I am knitting non-monogamous, lately. Central Park Hoodie, winter socks and monkey socks, along with piecing together the 80 CB squares. Here's the bin with all 80 squares. Intimidating isn't it?I am sticking closely enough to my plan that I started a mystery knitalong with the Knitting and Tea and Cookies group on Ravelry. (I know a broken promise, no knitalongs.) But I didn't have to purchase any new yarn. I'm using yarn in my stash and it is small enough that it won't take up much time and a mystery knit makes for added interest.
I thought Barbra would bust her buttons when she announced the winning woman director during the Academy Awards. Was that a setup, do you suppose? How appropriate. Barbra's been fighting the fight for many years in Hollywood.

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