Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Thanks

Yesterday we had a very cold, very snowy and windy walk home from school.  There was a wind chill of -11 degrees and it was much too cold for walking little ones home.  The wind chill today is in the -15 degree range so there was no school.  Even though right now the sun is shining, it is a cold that seeps into your bones.  It is suppose to dip down more tonight.  And there is the prediction of snow and even more bitter cold for Monday and Tuesday.

We decided to do some stocking up and went grocery shopping and I went to the library to stock up on a few books to see me through, in case we get socked in.

We are slowly putting Christmas away.  I hate to see things like the twinkly lights on the mantle and tree and stairway and the candles in the window get taken down, so they will be the last things to go.  I turn them all on when I get up in the morning to push back the winter gloom.

I still love my mantle decorations

and the red bows on the icy tree.

Everyone still enjoys decorating the little village made out of graham crackers
although it does seem to get a  little gruesome.  What started out as March of the Penguins, ended up as a penguin massacre, but fun was had by all.
I loved how my Christmas goodie bags turned out.  Everyone loved the Lo-Lo bars so much, I am ordering more.
All-in-all, it was a pretty stress-free Christmas this year.  Early planning and keeping on top of things, plus a few days of not having to get the little one from school which allowed me more time for cooking and wrapping, really helped.

Topping it all off, a lovely New Year's Day dinner of 
a mushroom and carmalized onion topped fillet, lobster tails and a sparkling wine.  Perfect!

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