Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Great Palette Knit-Down - A Daunting Task

There are times when I binge-buy yarn (most times).  Before I discovered my wonderful local knit shop, I would spend a lot of time on the Knit Picks site, just buying up whatever appealed to me or what seemed like a good idea at the time.

In 2008 I bought a boatload of KnitPicks Palette, a couple of the sampler packages.   I'm not sure how many there were at that time, but I think at least 50.  At least I didn't buy it now, there are 150 colors!

And there they sit in a clear bin mocking me.  One skein is 231 yards.  Enough to make one sock.  Sigh.

I think the idea was to make a lot of  Fair Isle socks, mittens etc.  That hasn't happened.  So when my husband asked me to make a pair of Christmas socks for him, this is what I came up with.  
I hesitate to use the Palette for socks since it has no nylon and isn't machine washable but for limited wear socks, like holiday themed, I figured it would be fine.  We are now choosing patterns for knitting Valentine and St. Patrick's Day Socks.  Hmmm maybe an Easter or Memorial Day or Thanksgiving themed pair of socks. Food for thought.

I have decided to declare this year the Great Palette Knit-Down.  It means a lot of Fair Isle knitting, but this is something I have wanted to try, probably since I bought all this yarn.  I took out all the yarn necessary for the Palette Fair Isle Sampler Cardigan which Kathy Taylor designed.  I have never steeked so this is going to be the year for attempting that technique.  I also have the yarn for two other sweaters that Kathy designed from her book Fearless Fair Isle Knitting. I just love Kathy's patterns.  She is such a genius.

I took out yarn from the box of Palette to make three other items, which I will post when I start the projects.

That leaves about 30 or more skeins of Palette to find suitable projects.  Plus this is what was left of the two skeins I used for hubby's socks.  How will I use up the small leftover amounts?

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