Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year in Review 2013

I went to my post for the first day of 2013 and find most of the resolutions I have there I didn't follow through on and they seem to be the same old, same old I was going to resolve this year.


Let's see if I can do better this year in keeping up the blog, at least.

Books I read - 70 total books read.  Not quite the two a week I had planned.  My resolution this year is to read at least the same amount and maybe try for a few more.  One thing I did was PUT DOWN books that just didn't grab me.  This is very difficult for me to do.  I always have forced myself to finish every book I start, but giving myself permission to walk away has been a very positive experience.

Some of the new authors I have found and loved are Julia Spencer-Fleming. Rhys Bowen and Alafair Burke.
I have rediscovered Stephen King, not his latest books which I have been reading, but his really old short story collections which are amazing.  I have continued with old favorites J.D. Robb ( which are always wonderful), Lee Child, Louise Penney and Nevada Barr.  I wonder what new authors are going to pop up in 2014.

As for knitting, I wanted to knit a dozen pairs of socks using different patterns.  I made 7 pair with three on the needles now in various stages of completion.  I did use 4 different patterns but not the complex ones, like CookieA or any from the books I have earmarked.

But here is what I did knit:

7 pairs of socks
7 neck things, cowls or scarfs
4 sweaters, 3 for me 1 for hubby.  There were two other sweaters I finished and hated and totally ripped out.
8 bags
2 head things
2 pairs of slippers
6 washcloths
3 bats
and of course the black dragon scarf, which a little girl wears around her head in school like a Ninja.  You got to love her!
While this seems like a lot of knitting, I have so much yarn to get through, it seems like a drop in the bucket.
The question is how do I knit more without injuring my hands.  
I would like to complete more color work knitting.  I actually have the yarn for three fair isle sweaters and several pairs of socks.

Also there are at least three afghans that need to get made.  I have wanted to complete a special afghan for each grandkid and I really think I need to get started on this.

So I am going through yarn today and sorting it out (again), prioritizing projects and seeing if I can really get a handle on knitting through the stash.

TV and Movies- Mostly TV shows.  We were really disappointed in Homeland this year and Downton Abbey's third season finale was a real downer. Also The Killing was forgettable.  The Walking Dead seemed to take awhile getting started, but the final few episodes were well worth the slow start.  New programs that we really got into thanks to Netflix and binge watching were Longmire, Arrested Development, Mike and Molly, The Bridge and we are currently going through Orphan Black two shows at a time.  I have been catching up on American Horror Story.  Hubby doesn't watch with me, but I have caught up with this season and am working through season one. We do like our TV dark.  But then we pop in a comedy half hour before we go to bed just to lighten things up.  Best shows this season?  The Good Wife and The Blacklist. A show we are just watching because we want to see where it goes is The Hostages, could have been good if they could have limited it to maybe a mini-series.  Best recreated show is The Mentalist.  Finished up Red John and it is now reinventing itself.  Awesome!

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