Saturday, January 23, 2010

I've Only Been Knitting One Thing

When a disaster such as the earthquake in Haiti happens, I marvel at humanity. The generous outpouring of money and prayers, with every one from big name entertainers to just the ordinary guy or gal giving what they can is always inspiring. Check out the amount raised by Yarn Harlot readers for Doctors without Borders. Amazing. Hopefully once this fades from the front pages and some other news takes its place, there will still be a commitment to continue the help.

Wednesday was my deadline to get Chiara's birthday present done and I did not completely make it. The bear and his sweater are finished and arrived in West Virginia in time for her birthday, but I am still working on her sweater. I think I over thought this project. Even though I made it to her measurements, it just looked small to me. And I kept reknitting and changing counts until I knew I wasn't going to meet the deadline. In a perfect world, I would have her close at hand and have her trying the garment on as I knit. Sigh. That is not meant to be with them so far away.

The Polar bear is a pattern from Fuzzy Mitten, a wonderful designer. Her patterns are very clear and have absolutely amazing detail that give her critters so much personality. I marvel at young mothers who can accomplish such things. I remember having a hard time getting showered when my kids were as little as her guy is.
I made the baby penguin for Nathan for Christmas and of all the gifts that were opened, that one was the most passed around and oohed and ahhed over. Give her patterns a try, you won't be disappointed.
I have all my other knitting on hold until that sweater gets finished. I should have it in the mail to her on Monday.
Tomorrow it is going to be in the 50's for a while. Goodness, my daffodils are going to start coming up!

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Barbara Prime said...

Your bear turned out so well, and I love the snowflake on his sweater! I'm not so good at intarsia, and it's nice to see how the sweater looks this way.