Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Yarn Harlot Nearly Done Me In

I turned the pages of my new Never Not Knitting Page a Day Calendar and there it was on the page for Jan 5th, the suggestion to start your own sock KAL by going through your stash and picking out 12 patterns and yarn, putting them in a box or pillow case, then picking out a new sock adventure every month. What a great idea! I was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog and sure enough she was going to do it herself. Then on the Ravelry fan group there was a KAL for the KAL. Talk about a really skewed idea.

I actually started to pull out patterns and yarn before I got a good strong hold of myself and re-read my resolutions post. NO. MORE. KAL's. I didn't even get a week into the new year without serious temptation. See what I mean about Internet fumes?

However, I do need to decide on the next sock project since my "wine country " socks are almost done. The monkey sock has been hibernating in Ravelry so this is the next logical sock, yet I just can't seem to start it. I tried to figure out why I was so reluctant and I realize, it is the yarn.

I absolutely love these two skeins of yarn! The colors are almost the same combination as a summer dress I had as a child. It was brown and pink and yellow tiered stripes that I called my "ice cream" dress because it reminded me of Neapolitan Ice Cream. The Knit Picks Gelato has green in it also, but otherwise is very reminiscent of my dress. And it is discontinued! I feel there is no pattern on earth that is going to do it justice or be what I want it to be. So I am changing the yarn for the monkey socks to the Bordeaux kettle dyed I have in my stash.
Maybe someday I'll find just the right pattern!

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