Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Marshmallow World

Having a bit of a snow event today. It's been snowing steadily all day. Should stop about 6 pm, they say. No wind, but mighty cold temperatures. Right now it's an almost balmy 14 degrees. Up from a low of 9 when we got up this morning. Wind chill makes it about 1 degree. Broke out all the wool I could find, socks, sweaters, afghans etc. Hubby is keeping the indoor temp at 64. Hasn't even been noticeable until the last couple of days.
We are having the last of Thanksgiving today. I divide the leftovers on plates, wrap well and put in the freezer. Easy dinners and you really enjoy the turkey and all the trimmings so much more when you have had a few weeks rest from them

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